Sometimes the triangle is not just a geometrical figure, but the best example of charity

"Annie" is a new feature film, which is now showing at the Cinema onTheatralna street watched young scouts who help our social activities to organize the development of creative studios for preschoolers- half orphans.
Saint Nicholas for children from the families of the victims of the ATO, Christmas in Lviv for children from Debaltsevo, creative Studio for kids who lost their fathers in the war with Russia is a list of the shares, in which gladly participated clever and resourceful scouts from Lviv organization Plast.
NGO "Community Development" is sincerely grateful to the caring youths Jurko Myhalyk, Solomiya Koval, Dmitriy Sunako, Andriy Tkachenko, Olena Tyndnyk for active participation and assistance in the establishment of the holidays. And cooperation with the network of cinemas, the cinema made it possible to materialize this gratitude in the form of tickets to watch an interesting and life-affirming American movie about a girl that is also a half-orphan, like our kids from the Center.


- The film is very funny; we had fun, shared with us Yuriy Myhalyk. - I went to the movie and I did it with great pleasure. Our cooperation with the “Community Development” is not only beneficial to society, but also educational.

It's nice that this charity triangle between the “Community Development”, the Plast and the Cinema enables all to see how easy it is to do good together. Because, it always comes back in a hundredfold.
Nika Nikaleo
writer, journalist