"Culture 2025. Platform of strategic initiatives" - conference, which was attended by our NGO

On November 13 a strategic discussion session from the platform for change of Cultural Initiatives "Culture 2025. The platform of strategic initiatives" was held in Lviv.

During the event, the artists, among whom was our representative, namely the head of  the department "Culture and Arts" of NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" got to know  with the project "Culture 2025" and discusseda new strategy of changes in the cultural space of our country in 2015- 2025.

The members of the meeting were conventionally divided into groups according to their area of cultural activities. The discussions happened on each of the cultural industries  as in groups, and between them.

An important event was the lecture of one  Ukrainian philosopher and journalist Vladimir Yermolenko on the topic  - "Culture - a key to the understanding and development of society."

In the context of the strategy to return to the origins, of which the famous philosopher mentioned, our NGO entered a proposal for a new educational and cultural exchange rate of Ukrainian mythology, starting with the youngest, whose consciousness is not clogged with the falsified history of our country.

"Children - is the creative layer that is able to pick up and develop, what we have received from our ancestors and deliberately concealed and suppressed by Moscow propaganda. It is also important to promote national culture in the world, open deep spiritual traditions of Ukraine through organizing "Days of Ukrainian culture" abroad ", - said Veronica Hidchenko, a member of our community.

Event was moderated by Ilona Demchenko Nikolay Skiba, Catherine Botanova, Yuri Rybachuk and others.
At the end of the event was a presentation of the work in groups.

Strategic session was held in the Scientific Library of Lviv National University of Ivan Franko on the Drahomanova street5.

The "Culture 2025. Long-term National Cultural Strategy" initiated by the working group of Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.