NGO "Community Development" have helped ten families with the necessary things

This month, activists of the NGO "Community Development" in the framework of the project "Help your Neighbor" visited ten families
"When you do good deeds, you feel a certain joyful satisfaction and natural pride, which is the companion of a clear conscience," wrote Michel de Montaigne
During the month, NGO activists three times were given fruits to needy families. The project "Help your Neighbor" works for six months. Each time the list of those who need help is growing.
  • There are families with whom we are in contact since the beginning of the project and every month the number of needy families increases. Very nice to see smiling faces of children and the elderly in response to the good deeds, says curator Bai Nazar. – The project aims to teach people to help each other in difficult times. Therefore, we carefully select those who indeed help families.
To join the project "Help your Neighbor" and to do good deeds can everyone-this can be any things, food, household appliances, or other useful things that you would like to share with those who are in need now.
Recall that the project operates in two churches of the city – the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (st. Ivan Franko, 56) and the Church of Saints Kyryl and Methodius (st. Ugorska, 1).
Also you can bring your gifts for the needy in the office of the NGO "Community Development" (av. Shevchenka 7, 4th floor)