St. Andrew Holiday - one of the most mysterious winter holidays

At Andrew’s day traditionally went to listen to the water under the ice in rivers and wells. If water is not noisy - a good winter, and when the water is not calm and worried - wait for frost and snowstorms.

In ancient times, there was a saying: "If on the Andrew’s day is cold and clear - a good sign, and when it is warm –a bad one." There was another proverb: "If on the Andrew's Day it will be snowing and the snow is laying on the ground, then we will have 110 days with snow."

"Andrew, Andrew,
I am against you sow hemp,
Let me know
Who will take them, "- kept saying girls spreading on snow-covered ground grains of wheat, hemp or poppy.
Then took a handful of snow, where the seed was sown, and brought into the house. When the snow melted, they started to count grains. If each pair was found–it meant, that a girl will get married soon.

At night on the Andrew’s day betrothed could be seen in a dream. To do this it was necessary to put a piece of bread, baked with their hands under the pillow and say the "judged-promised husband, come taste my bread."
Going on the evenings, young people played "Kalita". To this game, the girls baked a large round cake with a hole in the middle and covered it with honey. When Kalita was ready,  itwas tied with a ribbon to the ceiling in the  middle of the house and jumped, trying to bite off a piece of sweet bread.

After playing the "Kalita",  songs and entertainment, the last fortune telling of the evening was made. The girls took a cup, filled it with honey and placed on the bottom of it a ring. The guy had to get a ring with his lips, and so not to dip his own nose. If he succeeds, the guy will marry and will be happy in his marriage.
And tomorrow, despite the great holiday of Andrew’s day, but very appropriate,  one of the most interesting Ukrainian fantasy writers, Ukrainian Stephanie Meyer –mega-popular Dara Korniy will come to us!
Nica Nicaleo
writer, journalist