Master classes in drawing and Ukrainianversion of paper-cutting “vytynanka”will start for children from the Centre with the families,the members of those were killed in the area of ATO

NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" continues to work with the families of the victims of ATO and in particular towards the creative development of children. Once a week will be made the public workshops in painting in the room of our NGO under the patronage of volunteer artist - Oksana Petrishin and famous Ukrainian professional artist- Irene Tokarska, which restores the traditions of Ukrainian paper-cutting “vytynanka”.

Irene Tokarska –is aLviv artist, poet, teacher. She has received numerous solo and group exhibitions, makes illustrationsto the books, and is an author of her and team’s literary publications, conducts educational activities, including children's art studio. She represents her own “vytynanka”, deliberately emphasizing the popular base of this type: color, images, themes.

The artist restores the tradition of paper-cutting, adding to them something new and interesting, thus enriching the artistic treasure of the people. “Vytynanka” by Irene Tokarska - is thick stripes and geometric paintings, abundant vegetable weave, numerous fowl. “Vytynankas” from paper are viable in today's cities and are used as Christmas decorations for windows and window-shops. This indicates, that the paper decorations have a close relationship with the other arts. Complementing each other, they create unsurpassed masterpieces or just comfortable and beautiful things. “Vytynanka” really became popular. It shows a large number of exhibitions held in Ukraine and abroad.

Also for the youngest, who is not attending school, will be held a reading-learning of Ukrainian and foreign fairy tales, exploring the initiated recently Ukrainian mythology and, of course, a moment of manual work.
Nica Nicaleo
Head of "Culture and Art"