"Where is the art funding? What we are fighting for?! "- said Winston Churchill during the Second World War

"With love to the defenders of Ukraine" – the name of the concert, organized by the NGO "Community Development", bearing in mind, that Ukraine's independence and its identity are interrelated categories. And the fight spirit and the mood of injured – are one of the keys to victory.

 Yesterday, at 17:00 in the park of Military Medical Clinical Centre of Western region (st. Lychakivska, 26) a concert  was held for wounded militaries, who are there for treatment.

Arriving to the park, it was hard not to notice, that it is almost empty. Just blooming magnolia, lilac and several patients leisurely strolling. After setting up the equipment, we started scheduled concert, despite the small rain and a small number of people.

The concert was opened by the writer, winner of international literary contests - Nica Nicaleo with the words: "Glory to Ukraine!". Hearing the music and her invigorating voice, all who have had the opportunity to read the announcement of the event on posters in every department, went down. About one hundred and fifty people gathered, among whom were people with heavy injuries on wheelchairs. And the nurses looked through the windows and the wounded soldiers, who were not able to go to the park.

The concert was attended by vocal ethno-band "Corali", who sang Ukrainian songs and entertained the audience with folk proverb and knowledge of authenticity. Later there was a performance of the poet, member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine - Ivan Hentosh. He read his patriotic poetry, which was heard at the time of the Maidan, and for the further elevation of mood he read poetic parody of famous works.

Then the children's vocal ensemble "Zozulky" performed, after which everyone was shone with sincere and happy smiles on their faces. Because we all live and fight for our independence for the future, for our children. They were filmed on camera phones, like world stars, loudly applauded and even tried to sing along. There was an amazing and sincere event, under the administration of club of the hospital, from which all soldiers have a good mood and we also hope, that their fight spirit was raised.


- Our organization held its first concert, but does help the military and their families a lot. We give juristic consultation, powerfully engaged in cultural and educational activities, which completely lost sight of state, help in solving a variety of domestic and rehabilitation problems of socially vulnerable people and, above all, the victims in the war with Russia. We hope, that our good deeds and complete dedication will help Ukraine to win and become a real European country with social benchmarks. After all, great things start with small one! - said Nica Nicaleo at the end of the concert.

Nica Nicaleo, writer, journalist
Photo: Kateryna Kosiv