"Peace for the children!" - an action which took place before the World’s day of protection of children organized by the NGO "Community Development"

"A lot of music, dances and happy baby’s noise", so in one sentence we can say about the festival, which was organized in the Park of culture. 

To try karaoke with pupils of the Studio of vocals of Julia Carpa, or to dance with the teachers of the Academy of dance "Sirius", or to draw a picture for the soldiers in Donbas, or to participate in a master class of Boxing from Champion of Ukraine and Europe Olexandr Grytsiv, or to compete in the "Cossack’s fun"... And that's not the whole list of amusements and activities that our activists prepared and held for children of Lviv. And it should be noted that it was made with full dedication and responsibility.
Because the week we had to do a lot of organizational work. "Criticize the one who does nothing and, who knows how to do, always helps a lot," the classic phrase was tested in reality, when on the invitation to participate in the campaign immediately responded creative Studio "Shuhliada", which attracted children to create a large canvas-embroidered shirts from children's handprints. By the way, we will send it to the ATO, along with embroidered shirts, which we began to gather on the previous “Day of embroidered shirts”.

Girls who are studying in creative colleges, braided that day, a few dozen of mega-popular braids for little girls, and were made a comic makeover for the girls by participants of NGO "Community Development"."Cossack’s fun", in which boys compete in agility, speed and other skills brought alot of positive impressions and emotions and successfully completed more than four-hour marathon of activities of our organization.

The holiday passed quickly, like all good things, but the mood and pleasant memories will remain forever. The job was done and attracted a lot of different people and partners. In particular responded to treat children pizzeria "La Piazza", "Felicita", "Cosa Nostra", and "the Mafia"- is a family restaurant cuisine , they gave children- winners the coloring pages. Also prizes for the winners were provided by a network of cinemas "The Cinema".

We sincerely thank all who helped us to give the kids a real holiday, which will remain forever in their little hearts!
Nicka Nickaleo,
writer, journalist