The celebration of Independence Day with the "Community Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady”)

On Monday, August 24, at prospect Shevchenko NGO activists staged a real patriotic holiday for residents and visitors of Lviv city. Participants of the action were also people with physical disabilities.

As expected, the event started at 18:00 on Shevchenko Avenue. The celebration was solemnly opened by the national Anthem of Ukraine performed by graduates of the St. Petersburg Conservatory named after Evgen Leshchenko. The singer performed several Ukrainian songs and charged the public a wonderful Patriotic mood. Before the audience were also the writer L’ubov Dolyk, and a member of the Union of writers of Ukraine Ivan Gentosh. Leading the celebration was a writer and journalist, an activist of the NGO "Community Development", known under the pseudonym Nika Nikaleo.

Next to a makeshift stage, everyone could write their vision of Ukraine in the future, and leave the imprint of his palm on a stylized map of the country. To action joyfully joined the young participants of the camps Moves&skills, which recently organized a team of "Community Development". Huge map, with a written vision of the future of our state from the participants of the festival will be sent to the President of Ukraine by post.

In addition to the talented artists, incredible energy charged the participants of the event. The event was attended by the participants of the Lviv interregional centre of social, labor, professional and medical rehabilitation of disabled people who came to the feast with the assistance of the Head of the institution Dunas Grygoriy Grygorovych. People in wheelchairs sang a song and even performed a dance, thus showing that we are all different but we are all equal.

"While being abroad, I saw a large number of disabled people on the streets. They freely moved on trucks, feel confident and communicate with other people. We have the impression that people with disabilities simply do not exist. They do not go out, because the city is not adapted to their needs. We strive to overcome the stereotype and to help these children to feel independent. We are all different – but we are all equal!", - said the project coordinator Kristina Banovski.

During the entire event at prospect Shevchenko was held a charity cookie sale. The day before, it was personally baked by the activist of NGO "Community Development". Funds raised from the bake sale will be used to install ramps in Lviv, the first of which will be arranged in the National Academic Ukrainian Theatre named after Maria Zankovetska. During the event managed to raise 4118 UAH. Now activists, together with specialists develop a large-scale project, which aims to help people with disabilities, in particular the improvement of the city ramps.

During the celebration everyone could be photographed against the backdrop of Patriotic blue and yellow wall. Their photos, participants will be able to find on the page of the NGO "Community Development" in the social network Facebook within a few days. It is worth noting that photographing of the holiday was also performed by four talented photographers: Mygasiuk Hrystyna, Bogdan Yukhymchuk, Julia Koval, Solomiya Rybchans’ka.