Cartoons based on fairy tales by Irene Khomyn

Last Saturday day went rather unusual in our NGO.

Sweet and tender writer Irina Khomyn, who has written extensively on religious themes, was very impressed with immediacy and mobility of Vladislav, one of our boys from the Center for the families of the deceased militaries in the area of ATO. He refused to obey, nor a moment he could not sit still and did not paint what he read orwas recommended to portray, but,what he wanted to depict.

"I like to watch cartoons about Patrick P'yatochkyn and do something" - suddenly told us the Vladislav.

On what Irina immediately responded and offered to review a footage from the cartoon tale she recorded with one video project "With love to the children."
And Saturday morning stopped to be boring. The kids stuck to the computer monitor and then with the undisguised admiration and honor and quite other eyes were looking at the writer.
Here's a respect from the smallest through the visualization of written stuff.
Nica Nicaleo
riwter, journalist