Moves&skills again gave a memorable day for kids

Recently have been ended the third cognitive summer camp. Happy children return back home with warmth and joy, remembering an unforgettable holiday in the Carpathian Mountains, which they were presented by the NGO "Community Development" with the assistance of the eponymous Charitable Foundation.

Entertaining and educational camp "Summer school healthy lifestyle Moves&skills" was held from 8 to 17 August. The organizers gave the opportunity to get healthier and entertain children of different categories. Thanks to the support of the Department of children's Affairs of the Lviv City Council the camp was attended by 11 children, among them orphans and children deprived of parental care, and children who grow up in families in difficult circumstances. With the assistance of the Garrison Church of Peter and Paul in the camp also rested children whose parents are members of the antiterrorist operation. All together in the camp were 31 participants in age from 6 to 16 years from Lviv, Novoyavorivsk, Berdychiv, Zhydachiv and Stryy districts.

Camp organizers developed a special program of the European model, in which children not only had a rest and enjoyed the spectacular scenery of the Carpathian Mountains, bathing in the river and soaking up the sun, but also learned English, played sports under the leadership of activists of the sports club "Legion", and played educational games. The next day after settling for all small residents were waited the party in Hutsul style. Young participants of the camp in the teams competed for the best performance of folk songs and talked about, known to them, traditions of the Hutsuls.
"It should be noted that children know a lot about food and customs of the Hutsuls. I was pleasantly surprised, says volunteer Julia.

During the week the campers taught acting, taught to show different feelings. With the help of volunteers, children accounted for scripts, the actors and during the costume party showed what they have learned by playing characters of their own cautionary tales. Finally, the kids enjoyed the chocolate from the chocolate fountain and fruit.

And in order to emphasize once again the importance of personal hygiene and grooming, kids organized instructive party "Nechepura-party". It should be noted that this technique is widely practiced by European educators and allows slot example to understand important social rules.

In Indian culture there is a special tradition that unites all Indians in one color society is a celebration of bright colors "Holi". A similar celebration was arranged for the participants of the camp Moves&skills. At first the girls performed a traditional Indian dance, which they themselves had prepared, and then all the inhabitants of the camp were plunged into the world of colourful entertainment.

"I was so excited to go to this festival, where a lot of these bright colors! It's very cool, we are colored," said Olenka, camp participant.

Especially kids like the process of preparation to the party. The day before the party activists gave the kids an impromptu SPA day, during which children, as in a well-known Hollywood films, were ready for the party.Also children liked the creative Halloween celebration in Ukrainian. Instead of pumpkins were watermelons, which the children enjoyed plenty. All the campers turned into images of different characters in accordance with the theme of celebration and demanded candy, as expected this evening.

During the camp, the children held a "Backwards Day", when the guys tried on girly images, and girls, respectively, on the contrary - reincarnated in men. Such entertainment has brought a lot of good jokes and fun to children. As well as the children celebrated "Black and white party", on which explained what can represent these two colors and their meaning in the traditions of different people.

On the last night of the camp children recalled the time spent in the camp and everyone had the opportunity to launch a sky lantern, and make a wish that will come true.

The team of Charitable Foundation and the NGO "Community Development" express their sincere gratitude to benefactors. In particular, are sincerely grateful to the Garrison Church of Peter and Paul, the Lviv City Council, the President of the company "Okto Viacompany" Igor Dulyn, benefactors from England, pharmacy Biomed, PJSC "Kohavynska paper factory", the Ukrainian – Polish Joint Stock Company “Halplast” Ltd (Rogatyn water), LLC "Coca-Cola Ukraine", The Room, PJSC "OKCI BANK", PJSC "Bank Lviv" and others.