First SC Legion judo championship took place in Lviv

     On the 25th of November, the Legion sports club with the assistance of the NGO and Community Development Charity Fund organized a judo championship for children aged from 6 to 13 years old. In general, almost 80 athletes from different sports clubs of Lviv region took part in the competition.                  

     Young athletes competed in 16 weight categories: 13 for boys and 3 for girls, in the following age groups: 2004-2006; 2008-2009; 2010-2011 years of births. Representatives of the following sports clubs took part in the competition: Legion, Locomotive, Gart, Bogatyr, School № 84, Dynamo and Olympia.
     Competition started with a demonstrative judo performance. The master class for young athletes was shown by Igor Zasiadkovych.

     The first open judo championship of the SC Legion attended: Tetiana Gavrylova - the honored Ukrainian coach  and five-time judo champion of the USSR, Araz Tuvakov - the honored Ukrainian coach, Igor Zasiadkovych - the honored master of sports, prizewinner of Paralympic Games, Julia Galinska -  the honored master of sports and two-time winner of the Paralympic Games, Andriy Nadopta - the honored Ukrainian coach, and Ruslan Senyk -  the manager of the summer sports base.

     The main referee of the competition was Oleksandr Bavshyn, the honored Ukrainian coach and referee.
The SC Legion expresses its gratitude to Andriy Zhuk, Ruslana Senyk and the NGO and Charity Fund Community Development for the assistance in conducting the championship. Finally, we thank Volodymyr Lipatov, the organizer of the competition.