On courses of self-defense come more and more women. Everyone who wants to join is welcome!

The second lesson in the tactics of self-defense has collected significantly more participants than the first. More and more women are seeking to learn the basics of unarmed combat for your own safety.

Thanks to the initiative of activists of the NGO "Community Development" Lviv women will have the opportunity to learn the technique of self-defense within three months. If You are still in doubt whether to attend these courses, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the basic reasons to learn self-protection:
  • according to statistics women are more likely to become victims of thieves and rapists;
  • due to the difficult criminal situation in the country, women need to be able to defend themselves;
  • during the course of training, women will master the basics of unarmed 
  • combat and techniques, which in case of danger will allow to protect themselves
  • experts will teach how to use different things, which are always with you, to defend themselves;
  • the curriculum includes courses in psychology, due to which women will be confident and will be able to correctly analyze the situation;
  • the self-defense classes provide an understanding of how to behave in extreme situations and what not to do;
  • regular physical activity during training will help women to get fit.

We remind you that the courses on the techniques of self-defense held in the sports hall at the sports complex of SKA (Kleparivska Street 39A). Everyone is welcome to join, please call +38 (067) 310 - 7787, +38 (067) 842 - 0908.