"Thanks to these strong guys today I again left home" - Ivan Krivan, physically disabled

National academic Ukrainian drama theatre named after Maria Zankovetska on Saturday visited people with disabilities. Lviv activists of the NGO “Community Development” helped disabled people to leave homes and attend the performance.
Healthy people usually do not even think about the fact that they live next to those who, because of certain physical needs are not like them. They are called "people with disabilities", when in fact they do not need anything special and extraordinary, better and more expensive than the healthy part of society. They simply are unable to get what for the other is a norm, climb the stairs to the store or clinic, cross the road at the traffic light, and reach buttons on the front door and so on.
Thousands of physically disabled people every day cannot go out alone, walk the streets or visit the events. Representatives of the NGO «Community Development» do not remain indifferent. NGO activists once again set an example to society and organized a trip to the theater named after MariyaZan'kovetska for people with disabilities. Thanks to their efforts disabled had the opportunity to see the play "Cylinder".
“For the second time we visited one of the oldest theatres of Ukraine. Thanks to these strong guys today again I left home, what I rarely do about 2 times a month. Because in the entrance there is no ramp my brother could not come with us”, - shared his impressions one of the visitors of the theatre Ivan Krivon.
Representatives of NGO provided transportation, maintenance and care of disabled people. Financial expenses assumed Charitable Foundation "Community Development". It should be noted that administration of the theater has provided invitation to the show.
"Now the world introduced many programs that allow people with disabilities to work and move as completely healthy. To implement these social projects needs help of people able to raise, transport or look after physically disabled people.However, in Lviv very few caring people who can devote their time to those who need it most. What we did on Saturday - just a small piece in comparison to what these bright people and their happy smiles worth "- said the activist Vladimir Feschuk.
Earlier, representatives of NGO organized departure for disabled people ona football match at "Arena Lviv" and on the boxing match.
In the framework of the program of assistance to people with disabilities NGO “Community Development” organized the project “Master for anhour” (“Maysternahodynu”). Social initiative provides free services for physically disabled people.