The NGO Community Development organized a bocce competition for children from the Dzherelo rehabilitation center

      On the 21st of November, in one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in Lviv - Victoria Gardens, the NGO Community Development organized sports competitions for disabled people. Participants of the competition were pupils of the Dzherelo rehabilitation center who tried themselves in bocce.

     Ten people with disabilities took part in the bocce tournament. Participants competed as the individual and as team. The playing area was set up in the hall of the Victoria Gardens.

     Let us recall that bocce is a game with a set of six blue, six red and one white or yellow balls, which is included to the list of Paralympic sports. This game don't only need coordinating movements, but savvy as well. Bocce was conceived for the people rehabilitation who suffer with infantile cerebral palsy, but later it started to use to cure other serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

     "Having an experience in co-operating with disabled people, we realized that these people are striving for socialization. They want to be a part of the society, they want do shopping, go to restaurants, cafes ... And, unfortunately, certain physical properties do not allow them to do this. So today we conduct a bocce tournament. That will allow the participants not only to improve their physical condition, but also to socialize, change their environment, relax or do shopping,"- said Andriy Feduniak, the head of the social department of the NGO Community Development.

   Moreover, despite the excellent mood, all participants of the competition received their own photoportraits, which were made by Olena Cherninka during the Day of Beauty in the Dzherelo rehabilitation center, as well as artistic books.
The NGO Community Development expresses it's gratitude to the Victoria Gardens for cooperation, as well as the restaurant Varenyky Tut for a delicious lunch for the participants of the event.