5 valuable advicesfor parents,from Honored Coach of Ukraine.

The man, whose name is pronounced proudly by young athletes and winners of international competitions, a man who lives and draws his inspiration from sport, the coach of the highest category of Greco-Roman wrestling - Alexander Genadievich Mikheev. He came to visit the NGO "Community Development" and gladly shared his thoughts with journalists.
The history of the career of Alexander Genadievich started in Lugansk region. Previously he worked as a senior coach in a sport school. In the fall of 2014 Mr. Mikheyev moved to Lviv. As he admitted in his interview, the choiceof this city was not a coincidence. After all, the cultural capital of Galichina, 20 years ago was the center of Greco-Roman wrestling. Now, here lives world Champions. However, in recent years, gyms have become abandoned and had problems with the staff.
The main goal of Alexander Gennadievich - is to transform the city into a center of wrestling. After all in Lviv there are: Wrestling Federation, University of Physical Education, military schools and other institutions, sports associations, athletes, veterans ... and those who care for their children.
- Soon in Lviv SCA will open a hall of Greco-Roman wrestling. It will engage all interested children. In this city there are young and progressive people who love sports, promoting it among young people and support young men in their sporting endeavors. Activists of "community development" are doing extremely useful thing –they are arranging the gym. Sure, it will open very soon - said Alexander Mikheyev.
Thanks to the work of the coach with the President of the wrestling Federation Puty E.V. ukrainian athletes at international and national competitions won 11 medals.
The names of Alexander Gennadievich pupils are known far beyond Ukraine. His wards are Olympian Champion Alexander Horsetail, world Cup winner Dmitry Pashkov, world champion Arthur Pantev, winner of the world Denis Demenkov and many others. Only at the last Championships eight athletes in their weight categories won four medals: two gold medals, one silver and one bronze medal.
At what age children should be engaged in sports?
  • I committed to early sports, 6-7 years. However, it is impossible to give kids in a sport only for the fact that they were doing something. This should be approached responsibly. Parents need to ask is near their home there is a good sports school. Only then they can send their children to sports clubs.
How should classes look like?
  • Classes should be conducted by the game.Then children will be more organized and have a desire to go in for sports.
Is it necessary to force children to go to practice if they do not want?
  • In sport cannot be "I want - I do not want."However, after visiting classes, parents should definitely ask their kids about their successes, how was the lesson, what they like or did not like.
Children come weak on our classes. A good coach should be like a sculptor that shapes professional athletes. Mandatory for coach is a knowledge of anatomy, physiology and psychology.
How much does the average session should last?
  • Child beginner can practice up to 1 hour, not more. Then, this time should be increased. The professional athletes can train for several hours. I want to draw attention on the fact that in no case cannot practice together kids that went to the 1 class and those who are studying in 9th class.
Each lesson must give effect. A good coach must find the approach to the child and be able to control the whole process of training. Parents in any case should not be afraid of the coach.
What to do if your child is gifted, but does not want to exercise?
  • To change the coach. If such a problem has arisen with the girls, father must speak with her. Because he can communicate more strongly in comparison with the mother. He should explain to the child the reasons for the sport and its benefits.
Parents should:
1. Find the approach to child.
2. Explain why child should visit the section of the sports school.
3. To have understanding to the coach and child.
4. To make their own study plan.
5. To devote most of parent’s time to the child.
What hinders the development of sports in Ukraine? What prospects we are waiting for?
  • All the current system should be changed.
It must be changed on the foreign sample?
  • During the period of independence of Ukraine changed the third minister of Youth and Sports. Changes occur just before the Olympics. It is expected that after this year's reforms sport will survive. The spending on advertising and promotion of sports - are scarce. As a result, only 5% of Ukrainian youth are professional athletes.
What determines child's wishes going in for sports?
  • The coach. A daily routine in schools is a big mistake. Each pupil must be approached individually.
Ukraine has a very strong sports school in gymnastics. Children have unconventional training, after which the result are enormous.
What is your credo?
  • First of all it is a struggle. I love my profession. I love children, because they are like flowers - they should be poured, protected, if necessary, closed from the sun. To see their blossom it takes years of training. If children are involved in sports for a long time (many years), it is necessary to support and assist. On their way there can be many difficulties, but the sport - it is a struggle.
Dreams become reality not with magic or desires, but through dedication and hard work.
A. Mikheev
Maryana Nazarenko, journalist