With the support of the NGO "Community Development" in Yavoriv was held a tournament on checkers

On the occasion of Independence Day in the district center of the Lviv region was held a chess tournament according to the Swiss system.

On Sunday, August 23, Yavoriv district hosted an open tournament in draughts. It was attended by 16 fans of this sport, aged from 6 to 67 years. The competitions were held according to the Swiss system in eight rounds.

"To play checkers is extremely useful, because this game develops logical thinking and well stimulates the brain, because to win you need not just mindlessly walk forward and beat the opponent's checkers, but also to thikk about all your moves in advance, to select a strategy game and to be sure to get into kings. I loved the tournament, I think we should organize such tournaments as often as possible," shared one of the participants.

It should be noted that the organizer of the competition was a chess enthusiast Yuriy Kunets’, soldier, participating in the antiterrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine.

The winners of the tournament received sports trophies, awards and medals received certificates also the oldest and the youngest participants of the tournament. During the hard fight the first place in the tournament went to Yuriy Kunets. Second and third places, respectively took Vasyl’ Sosnowskyi from Czernyliawa and Stepan Milianets from Novoyavorivsk.