The activist of "Rozvytok Hromady" became the strongest athlete

The activist Rostislav Potolyak won the title of the strongest athlete in the first round of the competition, conducted among students of National University "Lviv Polytechnic".

Lviv started the race for the title of the strongest student in the city. The first round took place on February 20 between the students of "Polytechnic". Tournament participants completed 5 exercises:
- Maintain as much as possible in the hands of two eighty pound suitcases;
- Log-lift;
- Craving;
- Arm;
- Tipping wheel weight.

The NGO activist - Rostislav Potolyak was the strongest competitor. The man is no longer a student, but he was invited to take part in the competition of "Lviv Polytechnic". As a result the activist was recognized as the strongest Strongman.

"The victory in such competitions is influenced by genetics and training. It is also important to have a good coach, who can motivate, support and explain how to do the exercise so that then there were no injuries, "- said the winner of the competition Rostislav Potolyak.