6 interesting facts about modern choreography.

Participant of the NGO "Community Development", known dancer JulianaDyakiv told some useful tips for parents and their children and shared her story how she started practicing choreography.
Two weeks ago at the NGO "Community Development" has started the project "Dance unity", whose goal was to unite children from all over Ukraine, who are now living in Lviv. Choreographer of the project JulianaDyakivtold usabout the best age to start dancing and what styles are popular today.
At what age should I enroll my child in dancing?

Kids should be developing from childhood. The best age to start dancing is 5-6 years. The benefits of dancing become apparent for several weeks. They lay a good foundation:
- good posture;
- coordination of movements;
- sense of rhythm;
- endurance;
- excellent physical shape, and much more.

At what age did you start dancing?
Mom has envolved me in gymnastics when I was 5 years old. I am very thankful to her for that. The sports I was doing disciplined. When I turned 17, I started to attend dance workshops. Soon I joined the dance Studio. Then I realised what I want to do in the future. Since that I always spent time in the dance hall.

How did you start your career?

I trained continuously for several years. One day I was invited to teach dance to children. Thus began my professional career.
What stylesare now popular?

Modern dance is becoming more popular, especially such styles as hip-hop, jazz-funk, contemp, modern, etc. To learn about dance styles usually you can by the Internet. Ukraine is not far behind in terms of dances from other countries.
Why should the children to dance?

Dances make child diversified. Thanks to them, are formed a beautiful body and a love to art.

Tell us about flash mobs. Which ones are the most memorable, and what, in your opinion, they can teach?
Flash mob - this is a planned mass action. In our case, it is a social dance that does not require special dance skills. To participate may every child of any age. On the website YouTube.com there are so many videos with flash mobs. If you look closely, you can see that participating in flash mobs can smallkids, and adults, and the elderly.
I have helped to organize such events. Preparing to flash mobs are always fun, and memories of that period remain for years! Children (participants)find new friends, their parents get new acquaintances. Adults often even help in the production, for which I am very grateful! Within a short period of training we become one team.

What does a flash mob teaches? He explains to people that only when they unite, they will be able to reach a common goal!