Social «Oscar to the studio!»

               On the 9th of December,  a solemn ceremony of the Ukrainian competition which is called Social Projects Awards was held in Odesa, where the project Master for an Hour  which is funded by the Community Development Charity Fund was highly appreciated.
               More than 400 participants from different parts of Ukraine competed for victory for the first time in the social projects competition. Various cultural, volunteer, gender and medical good deeds, which were conducted by people of different professions and interests, were represented in ten nominations. These people have one common noble goal - to help others who have some needs and bring even minor relief in their lives. In the fashionable office center, called Graf Space, which is located on the Gretska Street, 30 diplomas were handed to winners from the organizers, among them was Tymofiy Nagornyi, who is well-known for his major social projects. Two special prizes from the company On the Start - 20000 of hryvnias and a full-scale advertising campaign were received by two different winners which were selected by the benefactor. Another 70 awards were handed to other finalists.                   
               Someone helps women who suffer from the domestic violence, someone brings gifts for kids from the front-line territory and someone helps elderly people to eliminate minor domestic malfunctions. The Master for an Hour project  which has been working in Lviv for more than 2 years, was highly apreciated for for such an insignificant, but very important work. During this time, several thousands of elderly people, widows of soldiers who were killed in the Eastern part of Ukraine and disabled people were provided with multiple assistance.
               Only one person coordinates this project - a volunteer of the NGO Community Development Tetiana Zakharchuk:

               - Participation in this competition is important because not only Lviv residents, but all Ukrainians know that  projects like this exist. They aren't funded or conducted with the expense of state social services. We have to help single elderly people and people with disabilities because they are protected by the state weakly. Moreover, when we reached the final stage of the Social Project Awards, we got a small feeling of victory that inspires our further work, gathers people around the common problem and produces new ideas. Creating competitions like this shows us a great step in the development of Ukrainian civic consciousness because only highly organized societies can support people with some needs and advertise, in the good meaning, charity and compassion.

              - The Master for an Hour project is funded by the Community Development Charity Fund  and one of the largest companies in Lviv, - says Veronika Khidchenko, the head of the organization. - It is quite expensive project and it wasn't easy to find a donor. During the first year, project depended from various revenues, and when we found a constant donor, we finally felt a relief. All in all, we had no the moral right to leave these deprived people being lonely. The appreciation on this competition is a step towards the necessity of  recognition of the Master for an Hour not only in the region, but in the state as well. Finally, we express our gratitude to the organizers for such a chance.