"Book of Life" – the animation not only for children but also for adults

Today, the preschoolers from the Centre of help to the bereaved families due to our community watched the premiere in the cinema, that on the Teatralna street. The tickets for the animation were given for free by the network "Movie Palace".

The kids were happy and  watched philosophically deep , but at the same time still spectacular, colorful and easy to understand animation "Book of life" with great interest. The cartoon tells about love through time, which originated in childhood among true friends. The picture takes viewers from the world of the living alternately in a cheerful and joyful world of unforgotten ancestors, and then sad and dreary world of forgotten, those who are permanently erased in the memory of their relatives and friends.

"I love those cartoons, that draws the computer - admitted Vladyslav Verbitsky - and I also like sitting in the glasses. I was there", - said the boy, with a child's understanding of the effect of 3D.

The NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" will look forward to further cooperation with charitable network “Movie Palace”, because unfortunately, the support and development of children, who were left without a father, that heroically gave their lives for our peace and quietness, worth much more than we can give them.
Nica Nicaleo
writer, journalist