Lviv and its residents continue to suffer from the corruption affairs of Stepan Jarmus

On March 18 the press conference was held, which raised the question of immediate dismissal for illegal disposal of land of the Chief Director of the State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine in Lviv region - Stepan Jarmus. Community recorded numerous instances when Mr Jarmus gives hundreds of hectares of land in improper method during the term of  his office.

On this occasion many claims appeared, which are as follows:

 In August 2013, 519 inhabitants of Hodovytsk- Basivsk village council appealed to the General Director of the State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine in Lviv region with the application for allotment permission of  land with total area of ​​168 hectares for the introduction of subsidiary farms in Hodovytsk-Basivskyi village council in the Pustomytivskyi district, Lviv region. And next month, in September, they were refused in getting this land for unknown reasons. As it became known, in December 2013 60 unknown people started to show the interest about those lands and on the same month those lands have been approved and registered.

Such discrimination is considered unacceptable, because it is impossible to prefer one over the other citizens. All have equal rights under the law, so the restrictions of this kind are not allowed.

Not stopping at the start, during the period from April to July 2014, Mr. Jarmus gave 80 hectares of land for fake participants of ATO. The false documents of combatants  were made for unknown persons, which were used to highlight these lands  for the "soldiers" illegally. As you know, during the period from April to July 2014 there was no evidence of official status of  participant of ATO, but as we can see, there are people, who received the land through the State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine. Unfortunately, most of the soldiers, who honestly defended their homeland, face problems obtaining documents of the participants of ATO, public benefits, including obtaining the land. Is this justice? This is the responsibility of Mr. Jarmus.

To summarize, it should be noted, that the authorities of ex-president V.Yanukovych have to be lustrated and released especially for committing corruption schemes, as in the case of distribution "paint" sections of land. Further post  as chief  Director of  the State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine of Mr. Jarmus is impossible and immoral. Do not want to even admit the thought, that the revolution of Dignity has  been in vain now, ashamed of those officials, who do not care , who quickly forgot about the events in the square. Such persons have no moral right to hold this position.