The public proved that the Law is on their side

Halytsky district court in Lviv refused the Advisor of the Chairman of Security Service of Ukraine in satisfaction of the claim against the Lviv NGO’s.

"The claim of Antoniak Yaroslav Yurievych to the NGO "Community Development", community formation “Afganska Sotnia”, public organization "Ja Lvivjanyn", NGO "Ukrainska Spilka Uchasnykiv ATO" about protection of honor, dignity and business reputation was completely refused" - the decision of the court recently received the activists of the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”).

In November last year, the public openly expressed distrust to Antoniak Yaroslav, who then tried to take the position of Deputy Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine in Lviv region. "Community Development" and a number of other NGO’s sent a formal appeal-protest to the Lviv Regional State Administration, regional Council, the Department of the Security Service of Ukraine in Lviv region and the Public Council under it. The public turned up to the highest state authorities in the administration of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and published their comments on the official website of the NGO "Community Development". Note that, according to the requirements of article 40 of the Constitution of Ukraine everyone has the right to submit individual or collective written petitions, or to personally appeal to bodies of state power, bodies of local self-government bodies and officials and officers of these bodies, which are obliged to consider the appeal and to give a reasoned reply within the statutory period. Therefore, there are no doubts to the validity of the above appeals.

In accordance with the requirements of section 6 of part 1 of article 3 of the Law of Ukraine “On public associations” public associations are established and operate on the principles of: transparency, openness and publicity. That is why public organization has posted several articles where expressed concerns about the competence and integrity of Antoniak Yaroslav, as a person who intended to occupy the important public office. 

For such an open position Antoniak Yaroslav filed a lawsuit on several NGO’s of Lviv, including "Community Development". However, the court refused completely to the current Advisor of the SSU in satisfaction of the claim.

The public is once again proved that it works only in the legal field. The main activities of the NGO «Community Development» are the observance and protection of the laws of Ukraine and any doubts on this matter are false. Activists seek to overcome corruption, to clean up the civil service from the corrupt and to lustrate leaders who cover them. A year ago, during the Revolution of dignity hundreds of thousands of citizens showed the world that they want to live in a free, democratic, non-corrupt, prosperous country, now the public is trying to make a qualitative change, following this direction.