Who will receive a humanitarian assistance this year?

During the period of the Antiterrorist Operation a special attention is paid on receiving a humanitarian aid for the military. Due to the Ministry of Social Affairs, in 2015, only 5 categories of entities can receive humanitarian assistance.
This news explained the head of the NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" Andriy Bolyubash. Human rights activist reports that humanitarian aid can receive:
  • enterprises of a public organizations of disabled, veterans, enterprises, institutions and organizations financed from the budget;
  • philanthropic Organizations;
NGO of disabled, veterans, the Red Cross Society of Ukraine and its regional organizations, creative unions, civil society organizations which carry out environmental, recreational, amateur, sporty, cultural, educational and scientific activities;
  • religious Organizations;
  • licensed rehabilitation facilities for disabled and handicapped children.
We remind you that NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" ("Community Development"), which is affiliated to the third category of entities, listed above, together with the international organization "Green Cross”, received from the European Community a Humanitarian Aid.
The received charity where delivered to the areas of the Anti-Terrorist Operation and military hospitals.

“The registration process for recipients of humanitarian assistance is performed by including them into the Unified Register recipients of humanitarian aid. Gather all the necessary documents one can in a short time.”- added the head of the legal department Andriy Bolyubash.

The package of the necessary papers includes:
  • the application
  • indicative list of recipients of humanitarian aid - legal entities and / or information about the estimated number of people who need the assistance;
  • documents required for recognition of humanitarian aid goods, funds, including foreign currency, works, services (Application for recognition of humanitarian aid, written proposal from a donor of humanitarian aid, distribution plan of goods for recipients;
  • information of a central executive authorities regarding the advisability of humanitarian goods, funds, including foreign currency, works, services (if any);
  • a certified copy of the founding documents.
As stated in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 25.03.2013 p. № 241, processing of all documents for registration for humanitarian assistance, preparation of the draft decision and sending it for approval to the central executive authorities and the National Bank takes 5 days.