Representatives of the NGO "Community Development" became members of the Public Council under the Lviv Regional State Administration (“LODA”)

March 30, was held constituent assembly, which approved the composition of the Public Council of the Lviv Regional State Administration. The list of participants included 6 representatives of the NGO "Community Development".
The meeting also approved 176 members of the Public Council, who were representatives of various public organizations. The founding meeting was attended by representatives of civil society institutions, NGOs, journalists and independent observers. In the list of participants of the Public Council from the NGO "Community Development" includes 6 people: Andriy Balubash, Volodymyr Feshchuk, Oleg Dolinskiy, Andrian, Fitio, Ivan Garat, Nazar Seniv.

During the Assembly were proposed candidates for the position of Chairman of the Public Council. Among the proposed candidates were: Andriy Balubash, Stepan Sereda, Zenoviy Bermes, Volodymyr Leskiv, Vasil Ilkiv, Igor Kotsyruba, Igor Shepa, Vitaliy Novosad, Myroslav Fitsulyak, Andriy Porodka and Olga Elizarova. However, the election of the Chairman of the Public Council will be held on April 15-17, 2015.


"Our NGO "Community Development" cannot stand aside from the decision of questions of regional scale. Representatives of public organizations occupy an active position in life and always stand on the side of "law and order". Therefore, I believe that due to our participation in the work of the Public Council decisions will be taken only within the legal field", - said the head of the NGO "Community Development" Andriy Balubash.