The public pressure on State service of Ukraine on issues of geodesy, cartography and cadastre gave its first results in the fight against corruption

Due to the active opposition of NGOs of Lviv region, one of the corrupt officials of times of Yanukovych's regime Stepan Jarmus, was fired from his management position in the Main Department of State service of Ukraine on issues of geodesy, cartography and cadastre in the Lviv region.

Finally the voice of the community was heard in the Main office of State service of Ukraine on issues of geodesy, cartography and cadastre in Lviv region! As we know, Stepan Jarmus was the head of the State Agency of land resources of Ukraine in Lviv region in 2011. In connection with the reorganization of the state land Agency of Lviv region in the Main office of State service of Ukraine on issues of geodesy, cartography and cadastre of Lviv region in 2015, Jarmus was appointed to be a Deputy chief of the new structure that caused an uproar from the public, which was very "familiar" with his bribery and corruption. Although on 24.01.2014 Pustomytivskyi district department of Galytskyi office of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv region in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations was made criminal proceedings on the fact of abuse of power by officials of authorities of the state land Agency in Lviv region in the provision, during the period from October 2013 to January 2014, of land plots on the territory of  Lysynychivskoyi, Hodovytsko-Basivskoyi, Soroky-Lvivskoyi and Sokilnytskoyi village councils of Pustomytiv district. In order to prevent further stay in power of compromised by the numerous facts of corruption officials, and even those that were in leadership positions with the criminal regime of Yanukovych, members of the NGO "Community Development" together with other NGOs in Lviv, among which Ngo “USU ATO” conducted picket actions. With such public pressure and documentary proved crimes of Stepan Jarmus, he was dismissed from the post of Deputy Department which is a tasty morsel for many of the corrupt officials.

The revolution of Dignity gives, finally, the first fruits at the local level, which add optimism: stained officials removed, deprived of opportunities to take leadership positions, but, unfortunately, not all of them are afraid. Except of Jarmus activists demanded dismissal from the post of chief of the division of State service of Ukraine on issues of geodesy, cartography and cadastre in Pustomytiv district Roman Mygal. This "businessman", as reported by residents of the area, was involved in corruption and abuse of official positions. Therefore, the next candidate on dismissal at the request of the public should be him. By the way, against R. Megal was a picket under walls of the regional Council and State service of Ukraine on issues of geodesy, cartography and cadastre. To protect corrupt official suddenly came "Right Sector – the West", that’s why the conclusions are easily made.

And Roman Mygal, as reported by the residents of the district, was involved in corruption and abuse of official positions. Among his many "merits" of the allocation of the land area of 1.35 hectares, in accordance with the scheme of location is superimposed on previously made and agreed quarter of individual residential development. The signing of these documents by a public official is with significant discrepancies in the documentation, a huge number of errors and improper configuration documentation, inconsistency of dates, during which there were certain legal facts, shows one side of a low level of competence of R. Mygal and his ability to efficiently and professionally implement the functions and powers and on the other the fact of Commission of the criminal act for which there is current Criminal code of Ukraine. Therefore, the next candidate on dismissal is categorically Roman Mygal.

This first victory of the public of Lviv on removal from the post S. Jarmus and in general in the fight against dishonest officials once again proved that a strong community is the success of everyone. Together we can overcome corruption in Ukraine and eliminate all the corrupt officials from power.