Entered into force new rules of competitive selection of property appraisers

This is stated in the updated regulations on competitive selection of entities of the appraisal activities, which became operational on 29 January last year. The updated document contains the requirement to have several appraisers during the contest,but not one.
Requirements to applicants for participation in the competition for the purpose of providing services relating to assessment of property provides:
- the list of appraisers who are engaged to perform the assessment work, and their personal experience in performing such work;
- appropriate qualification of the evaluators, confirmed by a valid qualifying certificates;
- special permit for carrying out activity connected with state secret.
Requirements to applicants for participation in the tender to perform work on the expert monetary assessment of land plots, in addition to the above criteria, also provides a list of other professionals who may be involved in carrying out expert monetary valuation of land.
The document also sets the procedure of competitive selection of entities of appraisal activity - business entities, entities of valuation activities in the field of land evaluation.
This procedure is used by the State Property Fund (hereinafter - Fund), its regional offices, if:
- The Fund, its regional branches (hereinafter - privatization bodies) are the customers for independent assessment and expert assessment of land plots or carry out competitive selection of subjects of estimated activity;
- bodies of state power or bodies of local self-government, empowered to act as customers of services for independent assessment, or work on the expert monetary assessment of land plots, appeal to the Fund;
- other concerned in the competition persons, including business entities with the state share (municipal share) in authorized capital in case if the privatization authority or other body of state power or body of local self-government are the customers of such assessment, appeal to the Fund.
Information about competition is published in the newspaper "Vidomosti pryvatyzatsii" for 14 - 30 days before the announced date of the competition and posted on the official web-site of the Fund. After the competition the privatization authority in writing form inform the winning customers of a contest of the results indicating price and due date of the assessment, as well as appraisers, who will be engaged to perform the assessment work.
The use of the procedure requires that the cost of providing services on valuation of the property was less than 200 thousand UAH, and of works on expert monetary evaluation of land - 1 million 500 thousand UAH. If these amounts are reached or exceeded, applied the rules of the Law "On state procurement".