The settlers were promised to have a compensation of the cost of living and housing and communal services

Cabinet approves procedure for the provision of monthly targeted assistance to immigrants from Crimea and ATO zone to cover living expenses, including the payment of housing and communal services - said the lawyer of the NGO “Rozvytok Hromady” “Community Development” A. Bolyubash.

The Government is introducing a single record of internally displaced persons from Crimea and from ATO areas. The Ministry of social policy will create and lead a Single information database. It is assumed that immigrants from Crimea and ATO zone will be issued certificate of registration. To obtain it, you must apply personally or by a legal representative with a statement and a copy of the passport to social protection of the population by place of residence. Such certificate will be issued on the day of submission of the application, free of charge, and in the prescribed form.
Compensation shall be appointed for a family and will be paid to one of its member, under condition of providing a written agreement from other family members in the following sizes:
  • for disabled persons (pensioners, invalids, children) - 884 UAH per person (family member);
  • for able-bodied persons - 442 UAH per person (family member).
Compensation for a family is calculated as the sum of the allowances for each family member and may not exceed 2400 UAH.

In order to receive assistance people should refer to the authority of social protection of the population in the actual place of residence with appropriate application and to present a passport or other document proving the identity and also to provide information on all family about the registration as displaced persons - added human rights activist.

It should be noted that the aid is not assigned in the case if any family member has a residential area located outside the ATO territory, or the family has two or more vehicles, or if any family member has on Deposit at the Bank in the amount exceeding 10 times the subsistence minimum.