The lawyers of NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" ("Community Development") help to contend with Tax Authorities.

To NGO reception appealed Krymerytsyna Stephaniya. The woman asked for law assistance to her husband, and to defend his interests in the court of cassation.
 State Tax Inspectorate in the Halytskyy region, the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Revenue in Lviv region filed a lawsuit to Krymerytsyn Anton Gennadievych,  Mrs. Stephaniya’s husband, according to which Krymerytsyn’s family ordered to pay a fine of  15 036,00 UAH for non-payment of tax by vehicle owners and other self-propelled machinery. However, acceptances of these requirements were refused by the trial court. 

This means that the court found the defendant Krymerytsyn Anton Gennadievych not guilty.
Nevertheless, State Tax Inspectorate, being dissatisfied with the results of the court session, filed an appeal against the decision of the trial court to Lviv Administrative Court of Appeal. The plaintiff's claims (STI’s) were fully satisfied, and the relevant decision of the Lviv Regional Administrative Court was cancelled.

Juridical department of the NGO, headed by Andriy Bolyubash, took over the consideration of this case. According to Mr. Bolyubash, the norms of procedural law were grossly violated by an appeal court.

“The resolution of Lviv Administrative Court of Appeal from 11/12/2014, is illegal and unreasonable, and therefore is subjected to immediate cancellation of the court of cassation leaving unchanged judicial decision of the trial court.” lawyer Andriy Bolyubash.

During studying the case and analyzing norms of legislation, such as: Art. 1 of the Law of Ukraine "About the tax from vehicle owners and other self-propelled machinery", p. 3 of the Law of Ukraine "About the tax from vehicle owners and other self-propelled machinery," the lawyer prepared an appeal against the decision of the Lviv Administrative Court of Appeal.

“Taking into account norms of current legislation and evidences used by the plaintiff, there is no reason not to satisfy the requirements of Krymerytsyn Anton Gennadievych.” said the lawyer Oksana Tsikaylo.

Thanks to the work of qualified lawyers of NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" and professional approach to the administrative proceedings, the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine filed a cassation appeal on behalf of Krymerytsyn Anton Gennadievych about canceling the decision of the Lviv Administrative Court of Appeal.
Previously, we have some requests to the legal department of NGO to provide legal assistance. Irina Horobets needed a legal advice regarding the transfer to her a car that's been on the register for foreign consulates. The lawyers filed legal justifications of the issue.
It should be noted, that within the NGO, there are two divisions of free legal assistance.