The mandatory release of the High Specialized Court of Ukraine: a review of the letter of resignation resolved within 2 weeks

Legal event:
As is seen from the explanations of the High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases, having considered case No. 6-CV - the legislation establishes a right for the employee to terminate the labour contract with the duty by informing before 2 weeks and not with the right of an employee on two weeks of testing.
Impact on business:
This conclusion is made in a situation where the employee first has written the application on dismissal at her own will, and after 2 weeks withdrew it. At the same time, the employer fired her after two weeks of working out since the writing of the application.
In this case the Supreme Court noted that the case file contains a request for withdrawal of resignation, but the court was not provided with evidence when exactly this statement was filed to the employer and received by him.
So, it was not established that the application was filed within 2 weeks of testing after the filing of the letter of resignation.
You should pay attention to the fact that in fact the Supreme Court has recognized that in the absence of the statement of the desired date of dismissal an employee can be dismissed after 2 weeks from the date of writing the application.