VR adopted the creation of family farms

Introduces a new form of business. On March 31 the Verkhovna Rada approved the Law on stimulation of creation and activity of family farming (bill No. 1599).
It is established that family farming without status of legal entity organize PE independently or jointly with family members on the basis of the Treaty on the creation of family farms. This contract must be concluded by members of the same family in writing form and must be notarized.
The head of the family farms without legal entity status is the family member registered as PE and defined by the agreement on creation of family farms.
On behalf of family farmers without legal entity status has the right to be the head of the household or its authorized member of the farm.
The farm is subjected to state registration in the procedure established for state registration of legal entities/PE, on condition of the acquisition of a citizen of Ukraine or several citizens of Ukraine who have expressed a desire to create the farm, ownership or use of land.
It should be noted that the involvement in family farm other citizens may be used solely to perform seasonal and occasional works that are directly related to the activity of the farm and require specific knowledge or skills.