Activists of "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) at a reception of Sadovyi

Residents of Lviv in the face of Taras Lozynskyi, which is a member of the NGO "Community Development" addressed to the mayor with a complaint in which asked to consider the development of new Parking zones in the city centre.
For anybody not a secret that in Lviv there is a terrible problem with Parking near the center. Drivers often leave their cars on the sidewalks, blocking the passage of passers-by. Women with prams often despair when they could not drive with a child, because the car blocked the aisle. The drivers shrug: "if not here, where I leave the car, because there is no Parking".
With the problem of the actual lack of Parking lots in the Central part of the city turned Taras Lozynskyi. Resident noted that in the Central part of the city lacks about 10 thousand Parking spaces. A year has passed from the issuance of order No. 3298 "On approval of amendments to the draft "Schemes of movement of vehicles and pedestrians in the Central part of the city with proposals for the creation of pedestrian zones”, but Parking for cars have not been arranged. First Lozynskyi filed a complaint to the Center of providing administrative services of the city, having a superficial or formulaic answer, the man insisted on a personal meeting with the mayor, which was appointed on 04 August, 2015.
During the reception, Andriy Ivanovych did not deny the problems with Parking in the Central part of the city. The mayor spoke at length about the obstacles in creating Parking zones, in particular the gaps in the legislation of Ukraine and in the organization of traffic police. Also a lot was said about the investments that they want to attract, and permits to obtain. During conversation the head of the city told about the plans to build underground Parking at the Ivan Franko square, close to the University.

Lawyer of NGO "Community Development" Oksana Tsikaylo asked about the timing of when the project will be implemented for the construction of the specified Parking zone, on what the mayor talked a lot again about investments, but at the end of the monologue still suggested to begin work on next year.

The public hopes that the words and actions of the authorities will finally cease to disperse and all the promised projects will be implemented.