Words have consequences!

Activists of "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) require immediate refutation of false information which has sounded on air of TV channel "ZIK" by Olena Zhyvko.

Dirty slander in the direction of the NGO "Community Development", published on September 16 in the TV channel "ZIK" must be quickly refuted. One of the characters of TV shows and obviously the one who “ordered” the "black PR" for NGO, Olena Zhyvko started intensively to throw mud on activists. On her own behalf and on behalf of the NGO "Right sector - West", which she heads, the woman sounded false facts and baseless assumptions.

Social activists demand immediate retraction of false statements. With this requirement, the members of the organization sent to Olena Zhyvko a letter of complaint. In the case of failure of execution of requirements in the present claim, the NGO "Community Development" will be forced to go to court with the claim about protection of business reputation and the refutation of false information.