How to formalize visa, to avoid its cancellation on the borderline?

Ukrainians are repeatedly faced with cases of annulment of Schengen visas in airports of the Member States. How to avoid troubles during passing custom control, explain the head of the NGO "Rozvytok Hromady"("Community Development"), lawyer Andriy Bolyubash.
Due to the 5Article of the EU Visa Code, the requirements needed for entering the Schengen territory are:
  • The confirmation by diplomatic representative;
  • The confirmation of consular office of the Member State, whose territory is a major travel destination of the applicant.
Without following these conditions, the entrance can be denied for travelers. In this case, you must provide proof that the trip is planned to the country which issues visa.
In the Schengen area there are two rules of use Visa: first entry and longest stay.  

“The travelers should take into account the following provisions. According to the first rule, if the time spent in each country is unknown, it is necessary to apply for the visa to the Member State of Schengen Agreement, which is the first on the path to follow. The second rule: the traveler must issue visa of the country in which he plans to stay the longest. In this case it is necessary to provide documentary evidences to border services; that can be plane or train tickets.” Andriy Bolyubash.

It should be noted, that a valid visa must be cancel if there is a need to go to one of the Schengen states for other purposes. For example, if you open a shopping visa and tourist trip is scheduled, you need to cancel a shopping visa and open a tourist one. Under such circumstances a new visa must be verified by the diplomatic representation of the country of destination in accordance with the planned purpose.