NGOs met with representatives of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)

During the meeting, which was held on September 8 in the Resource center of support of Association of apartment owners of the Lviv City Council, discussed the issues of immigrants and decentralization.

Among the present representatives of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe were Despina Shatzivasvilju (Chairman of the Committee on political Affairs and democracy of PACE) and Christina Zelinkova (Reporter of the Committee on political Affairs and democracy of PACE). The purpose of their visit to Ukraine is communication and exchange of views with representatives of Executive authorities, local governments, non-governmental and international organizations about the political implications of the crisis in our country. It is expected that the result of the visit will be the preparation and publication of the relevant report of the PACE.

During communication with representatives of NGOs, representatives of PACE were interested in displaced persons, as special attention was focused on the decentralization process in Ukraine. The activist of the NGO "Community Development", the lawyer Tetyana Panasenko, during the conversation drew attention to the main obstacles in the acceleration of the decentralization process in Ukraine:

"The lack of information from ordinary citizens is the main reason which causes their resistance to decentralization and integration of communities. People don't understand, what are the prospects and benefits of the devolution of power to the places, but are afraid that, if, for example, in the village to close school or kindergarten the village itself will disappear. Therefore, speaking about decentralization, it is necessary to think about not only the territory and settlements, but real people. You need to see and understand their problems. To convey to the community meaningful information".

In addition, the participants of the meeting discussed possible risks in the process of decentralization, because in fact Ukraine is at the state of war.