In 2015 the city budget cut spending on sport

January 19 at the plenary session of the City Council adopted a budget for 2015. For a decision voted 73 deputies. The general fund of the city budget for 2015 is 1 723, 6 million UAH.

It is known that among other budget funds for sports allocated only 13 millions 800 thousands UAH, and the Arts - 89 millions 800 thousands  UAH.
What led to such a difference? Did sport play less important role in the lives of Lviv citizens, than culture and art?
Sport is an integral part of the lives of millions of citizens. Today the cost of development and promotion of physical training is minimal. Sport is the most effective mean of physical and moral health of the nation.We all understand that it provides good quality of youth development, tempers, forms character and what is important - warns of bad habits. Playing sports at the professional level, people are gaining credibility among the international community, thus showing to it how strong is the state they represent.

"The above-mentioned budget is significantly slowing down any development of sports in Lviv. After analyzing the situation, we can say that the current budget for sports can only provide salaries and utility costs.I am a former athlete, and more than anyone I know the needs on the functioning of sections: funds for travels to competitions, training camps, equipment and so on. Also expenses on lease of halls, utilities, and salaries for coaches do not have that to say.It seems that the part of the deputies of the local Council had unfinished their acquaintance with the distribution of funds for the needs of functioning sports educational institutions, or they are indifferent to their decision while they were voting," says political analyst Taras Lozynsky.

Of course, an equally important role plays culture and art in the life of the city. We understand that now libraries, publishing houses, theaters, museums and others require support. However, we would like to hear from deputies why sports remained almost out of focus.

Taras Lozynsky