The process of decentralization continues

On 23 December, activists of the NGO "Community Development" visited the meeting initiated by the Chairman of Lviv Regional State Administration Oleg Syniutka with the chairmen of village and settlement councils of Lviv region.
The participants of the meeting discussed the budget for 2016; however, a priority issue for discussion was the topic of local government reform, decentralization and the formation of the wealthy communities in the Lviv region. As you know, in the Lviv region already exist 15 territorial communities in which were held elections and elected new heads. The decentralization process is ongoing and, as noted by the head of the office of reform Vitaliy Koretskyi – "in the formation of new communities, we pay more attention to their financial capacity". In addition, the head of the region Oleg Syniutka added that he considers the process of decentralization a priority, because another way of the development of Ukraine simply does not exist.
  • Thanks to the reform of decentralization for the unified territorial communities and those that will emerge in the future, opened new opportunities and prospects for development. Now we just need to make the effort to accumulate all available resources – both public and from the European Union for progressive and qualitative changes in the community," notes Hrystyna Melekestseva, political scientist.
The head of Department for International cooperation, Yaroslav Muzychko, spoke about funding opportunities of communities thanks to European funds and organizations that do not require repayment.
  • Today there are many European foundations and organizations that allocate funds to Ukraine for various projects. All that is required the submission of the properly prepared design and estimate documentation, execution of further tasks in accordance with the submitted application and of course to lay the budget funds for financing the project, which is scheduled. However, ignorance and lack of information how to get funding, makes it impossible to solve the problem. It is necessary to conduct training courses on proposal writing, application and other necessary requirements, because it is a powerful resource that can greatly accelerate the development of newly formed communities, and importantly, these funds need not be returned", - said political analyst Taras Lozynskyi.
We will remind that activists of the NGO "Community Development" took an active part in the dissemination of information among the population regarding the reform and its importance for further development of Ukraine as a State. Activists of our organization take part in projects facilitating the reform.