Fraternal relations: stereotype or reality?

Can unite and settle down residents of East and West of Ukraine?
October 20, 2014 the VerkhovnaRada (Parliament) of Ukraine adopted the Law of Ukraine "On the rights and freedoms of internally displaced persons" № 1706-VII. This law establishes guarantees for observance of human rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of internally displaced persons.
“The Internally Displaced Person” due to the law is a Ukrainian citizen who resides in Ukraine, who was forced or who voluntarily have left the place of residence as a result of or in order to avoid the negative consequences of armed conflict, temporary occupation, widespread violence, massive human rights violations, and emergency situations of natural or technogenic character. That is, under the concept of “internally displaced persons” subject to the so-called settlers from the East of Ukraine, or annexed Crimea.
The law provides that, due to organizational and communication means must be provided for internally displaced persons appropriate conditions for social adaptation, provision of temporary housing, assistance in employment, continuing education, promoting the possibilities of raising funds for humanitarian, charitable assistance, including from international institutions, organizations and foreign countries.
As it became known, according to the latest figures in the Lviv region registered about 9 352 thousand immigrants from Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. According to unofficial data, in the Lviv region is 3 times more migrants. The number of immigrants is really great. As a consequence, there are a number of important issues:
1. Will the city accept and provide jobs to all persons?
2. Is there a danger in increasing of crime because of the high number of refugees?

We helped our Eastern and Southern neighbours and gave them, first of all, housing and medical care. Concerned residents of the Lviv city let in their homes people who do not have a roof over their head. Thanks to the employment center everyone can get a job. The question arises: do we feel gratitude for the reception of internally displaced persons?
“First were the Crimean Tatars who left the annexed Crimea. Today they are opening shops, work, and trying to settle down in all possible forces. About the settlers from the East formed the opposite thoughts. The problem is their arrogance and permissiveness. They felt elementary disregard for the residents of the city. Most Lviv residents are tired to listen to insults in their address and feel as if they are guilty in the war in the East and owe something to migrants.For these reasons, the inhabitants of Lviv occurs antipathy to immigrants. As a consequence, due to distrust of migrants, the local population does not want to give their homes to visitors from the East, to provide jobs in enterprises, even for decent people,” - said political analyst Taras Lozynsky.
Among the citizens is spread the problem of security on the streets. Most people at their own risk park their cars in the dark streets; leaves unattended for a long time their homes and of course just returned alone home from work. In fact, the security level has dropped significantly. The reason for this was, in particular the increase in the number of inhabitants of the city. The problem is that the majorities of immigrants are not registered and for law enforcement becomes almost impossible to detain such persons, Therefore, in recent months, more and more appeared unsolved crimes.
“In general, it should be noted that among the inhabitants is widespread the trend, that the Crimean Tatars are related well, and people from the East are bad. Tatars supportedUkraine, they left, when on the territory of Crimea came occupants and began to infringe their rights. We all saw how people in Donetsk and Luhansk relate to the Ukrainian military. Now we can see how settlers from the East relate to what is happening in their cities as Lviv precinct inspectors announced the hunt for migrants who decline to go to defend their city.
All this is not justified; everywhere there are “spoiled, bad” people. It is a shame on those migrants, who create such a negative image of their region. Let's hope that those internal migrants, who have lived some time in our environment, will be able to integrate into our society, and those that plan to go back home or back already, change their minds and become more conscious. Let us hope that the prolonged exposure of the Pro-Russian immigrants on the territory of Western Ukraine will change them for the better,” summed up Taras Lozynsky.
No need to divide people into 2 camps and to help Putin to carry out his plan of disunity and inciting more hatred. We all understand that between people from East and West disappeared brotherly towards each other. Our primary goal and purpose is to show:
  1. the unity and integrity of Ukraine;
  2. fast solution of internal problems without the intervention of Russia.
The Ukrainian people are strong, patriotic and will overcome any difficulties!

Taras Lozynsky, political analyst.