Moratorium on land sales might be continued

A bill stating the extension of the moratorium on land sales was submitted to the Parliament.

Under the bill №2791, which is presented to Parliament by a people's deputy Yulia Tymoshenko, it is proposed to extend the moratorium on the purchase-sale and alienation of agricultural land lots in other way until 2020.

Notably, the bill proposes to provide the possibility of redemption agricultural land lots by the state from their owners by their request. On behalf of the state, the redemption of land lots will be carried out by the authorized body of Cabinet of Ministers for the price, that meets market value.

 "This proposal results from the fact, that in Ukraine there are many landowners who, because of age, because of migration to the city and a number of other reasons don’t have the capacity and interest to use received land for the intended purpose – like agricultural commodity production and personal farming" - said the lawyer of NGO "Community Development" Yuriy Tatomyr.