Activists of the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) are establishing cooperation with other NGO’s in Lviv region

On Friday, June 12, members of the NGO "Community Development" held a meeting with representatives of the NGO "Dilova Javorivshchyna".  Community activists spoke about further cooperation and implementation of joint social projects.
To find like-minded partners who will assist in implementation of social projects is a crucial task for social activists. Recently, members of the "Community Development" met, concerned citizens who have expressed desire to join these initiatives. In a friendly atmosphere in the Novoyavorivsk held a meeting with representatives of the NGO “Dilova Javorivshchyna” and entrepreneurs of Yavorivskiy district. The activists discussed the problematic issues for the residents of the district associated with the activities of local governments and decentralization in General. Entrepreneurs also noticed the inappropriate use of cash registers by business entities. The meeting participants identified ways to tackle these problems and built an action plan for the coming months.

"We have to ensure that our initiatives are joined by concerned active citizens who are trying to help and develop the society. It is nice that in Yavoriv district there were those people who want to cooperate with us and to implement various social projects. We, in turn, will be happy to work for the good of society of Yavorivskiy district", – said the member of the NGO "Community Development", the lawyer  Yuriy Tatomyr.

The result of the first meeting between NGOs "Community Development" "Dilova Javorivshchyna" was the agreement on the signing of the cooperation agreement. Also it is planned to form the cells of the NGO "Community Development" in the territory of Yavoriv district.