The Embroidery Shirt – is best gift!

In adulthood, receiving gifts is also very nice, especially if it's a thing you dream about for years. A pleasant surprise for Mr. Pavlo Rumak was presented by the activists of "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) – the embroidery shirt.
Always in a good mood and with a smile on the face Mr. Pavlo is when he meets with the activists of the NGO "Community Development". Repeatedly they had an opportunity to spend leisure time. Today Mr. Pavlo is learning and undergoing rehabilitation in Lviv interregional centre of social-labour, professional and medical rehabilitation.
As cheerful and active personality he is always involved in projects organized by the NGO. Communicating with activists and volunteers, the man gladly tells stories of life and discuss different topics. One day he shared that for a long time he is dreaming about the embroidery shirt, which he never had. National dress, which for Ukrainians have a sacral meaning, through difficult life and financial difficulties Mr Pavlo was not available to purchase. Therefore, the activists of the NGO decided to realize the dream of the man and to give him Ukrainian embroidery shirt.
A welcome gift has caused extraordinary joy and many words of gratitude:

"This year the American edition of Vogue magazine named Ukrainian embroidery shirt the hottest trend of the season. It embodies age-old traditions of our people. It is always breathtaking from its unique beauty. Today it's not even a fad, but the idea of unifying our nation. Long dreamed to have the embroidered shirt, but for various reasons it was not possible to fulfil this dream. I sincerely grateful to the activists of the "Community Development" that they gave me the shirt, my first embroidery!".