Residents of Vinnytsia are delighted with the project "Femininity without borders"

In the framework of the national social initiatives, activists of "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) organized a celebration for women in wheelchairs.
On Tuesday, September 8, for residents of city Vinnytsia, who moove in wheelchairs was organized an unforgettable day of beauty and femininity. Social project in Vinnytsia was implemented due to the initiative of the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) with the support of local NGOs "Rada Vinnychyny" and "Harmoniya".
NGO activists have once again proved that every woman is charming and special. They seek to draw attention to the problems of people with special needs, and also to show the public that women with disabilities are not just charming and graceful, but also strong in spirit and with real dreams.
On Tuesday, September 8 in Vinnitsa women who move in wheelchairs, were helped to emphasize their femininity. The special day started at the salon of clothes, "Monaco", where girls chose their fine clothes and went to the beauty salon to complete the image. I should add that at the end of the holiday these clothes were presented to the participants. Nobody expected that. Beauties with spectacular hairstyles, makeup and outfit, radiated everyone with joy and positive feelings. To capture in photographs the beauty and confidence girls decided on a professional photo shoot in Central Park of the city of Vinnytsia. After a successful photoshoot the youngest participants were promised to provide the opportunity to participate in Fashion Week in Vinnytsia.

In the afternoon, the participants went for dinner at the restaurant "Churchill-inn" and there for them were made wonderful gifts – flowers, designer cookies, clothing and accessories from Andre Tan, and also the invitation to the meeting with Vlada Lytovchenko. And unexpectedly was announced that all holiday clothes from now belong to them. The event ended in the city women's business club "Novatsiya", where beauties wheelchair struck successful ladies with their stories of life, endurance, energy and high moral values. For women were given a lecture of the school - "Lady Boss". The business community gave the participants of the project certificate workshop on "Creating a Business From A to Z".

It is worth noting that in Vinnitsa in the framework of all-Ukrainian project "Femininity without borders" Chairman of NGO "Rada Vinnychyny" and representatives of the NGO "Community Development" has signed a Memorandum of cooperation.