Horseback riding, organized by activists of the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) for sick children, yielded the results

Extraordinary success for all of us were the first steps of Angelinka, four-year old girl with cerebral palsy who underwent a course of hippotherapy. So very quickly was formed the next group of people willing to undergo rehabilitation on horseback.

Horses are noble and beautiful animals, who from ancient times helped people. These ungulates ,years ago, were often associated with physical strength and a powerful way of transportation, today more attention is focused on their emotional and medicinal properties. Not only scientists have proved the extraordinary benefits of horseback riding. A vivid example of the effectiveness of hippotherapy is a case of a girl Angelinka.

Considering the successful results of hippotherapy, activists of the NGO "Community Development" organized another course of horseback riding for sick children. This time classes were held for five kids. 

"Igor liked his skate at first sight, after the first trip on horseback, immediately offered me to take Burushka home with us!" laughs the boy's mother, Maria. Really cheerful and happy boy after riding was talking only about horses, about how he wanted a new friend to live with them. And even sitting on the bench, waiting, when the horse finishes his ride, to give him some sweets, Igor mentally imagines that he continues to ride.

More joy and positive emotions have also the other members of hippotherapy. At the same time both children and parents were excited about communication with horses, and so different in ways express their affection to animals.

"Today, Oksana and I, dry bread for tomorrow, to bring to our horses some goodies", says the girl's father, Mr. Igor.

Absolute harmony and positive energy prevailed among all participants of hippotherapy. Children make friends with each other, the parents communicated and joked, and it all happens next to a calm and affectionate animals. And don't forget that horse riding is also a physiological rehabilitation, which gives results from the first days. This fact confirms Karina, because of an accident, for 4 years she is in a wheelchair.

"Even after the first riding you feel tense in a back muscles, respectively, each time these feelings are amplified. Personally I feel all of these physiological processes, and about moral satisfaction it is needless to say! Horseback riding is really something unusual!" - says the girl's mother.

I sincerely hope that soon we will hear about new miracles that occurred after hippotherapy, and from all the heart we wish that riding horses will give the best results for everyone who is waiting for them. 

Special thanks to the girls, the instructors of sports club "Pidkova" Marta Lozynska and Solomiya Tychynska for the fact that hippotherapy is carried out with the participation of their cloven-hoofed Pets – Ozolota, Burushka (Capril) and Gili.