Press announcement

On November 12, 2015, in Zhytomyr, NGO "Community Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady”) together with NGO"I am mother!" will held the next phase of the project "Femininity without borders", devoted to the socialization of people with special needs.
The project started in Kyiv on 6 July 2015, and continues in various regional centers of Ukraine. The final stage of the all-Ukrainian project will be a photo exhibition of photos of participants of the project.
The plan of the event:

09:30 -Arrival of participants of the project to the Center "I am mother!"(“Ja- Mama”), meeting with the participants-volunteers, distributing materials for review, preparation for changes.(Center "I am mother!" – Kotovskogo Street 15, a)

9:30 - 12:30-Hair, makeup, dressing up. (Center "I am mother!" - Kotovskogo Street 15, a)

13:30 – 14:00-Moving to the location of the photo shoot. Taking Photos and Videos. (the restaurant "Korchma",  Kotovskogo Street, 26)

14:00 – 15:30-Lunch for the participants. Dialogues, communication, stories by participants about themselves, entertainments, presentation of gifts and flowers. (the restaurant "Tavern" - Kotovskogo Street, 26)

15:30-16:30 - photo session and a master class in "Lviv chocolate workshop" (Maidan Peremogy 7/8)

18:00- Return to the Center "I am mother!", summing up.
The aim of the project "Femininity without borders" - to destroy the stereotypes in society and to show that the woman in the wheelchair is not a death sentence, but just more subtle scent of femininity that you need to properly recognize and disclose. Women require comprehensive attention and understanding that they are feminine, beautiful, elegant, lovely and graceful.
Contact person:

Karpovych Oksana Borysivna - 063 293 8703 (Zhytomyr)

Tokarska Roksolana - 067 789 3132. (Lviv) – a representative of the NGO "Community Development"
Reference to the projects in:
Lviv: https://www.on