Diagnosis is not an obstacle for strong dreams

In the framework of the project "Social adaptation of children with special needs in society"are held classes in karate.
In sports club "Ares", coach Tetiana, engaged with the children, dreams of which were to feel like real athletes.
These trainings enable kids to strengthen their physical condition and improve immunity, but also help to feel a strong personality, to develop their leadership quality.

The second-grade pupil Dmytro always wanted to do karate, but all his peers tried to convince him that with such a diagnosis even walk to the hall difficult. However, Dmytryk does not only reach, he alone has learned to swing the press and push-ups on the floor. His desire to learn and develop surprised an experienced coach. He does everything to get closer to the goal.
NGO “Community Development” (“Rozvytok Hromady”) organizes classes in swimming, karate and hippotherapy to increase the level of social adaptation of children. A complex sports training creates for the project participants conditions for physical development and rehabilitation of motor movement.