Social activists checked if there are ramps in Lychakivskyi and Halytskyi districts of Lviv

Finish line of the monitor on the availability of the city became the last two regions - Lychakivskyi and Halytskyi. As in previous cases, the activists of the NGO "Community Development" arranged audit of state agencies on the availability of ramps and call buttons of the social workers and the social worker himself. The most affordable appeared to be hospitals.
A final check showed nothing different from the previous one. Superior leadership in the areas continues to hold clinics and hospitals. No exception concerning private pharmacies and banks.
Most welcoming and the most comfortable was the new "Passport service" that on the street B. Khmelnytskogo.
Spacious comfortable rooms, available space for paperwork, children's room.
The district administrations in these areas were dramatically different.
Halytska Regional Administration (F. Lista Street 1) is accessible from the outside, but completely unsuitable inside. Old non-working lift and narrow stairs will not allow approaching to the upper floors.
Lychakivska Administration (Kostya Levytskogo Street, 67) was better - comfortable outside,with the inside ramps and guards who are willing to help even "theoretically disabled people".
Pleasantly pleased courts, situated in Lychakivskyi district.
Lviv economic court of appeal (Lychakivska 67). A separate passage for people in wheelchairs, with additional signs, and with button to call the social worker.
The economic court of Lviv region ( Lychakivska, 128) - accessible passage, ramp outside and inside the building, call button.
In "Lvivvodokanal" availability is still not good. But with this problem administration works: the activists were showed the room in which in this year it is planned to equip a single waiting room for all visitors, with available passage, a ramp and a social worker.
The situation with the "Ukrposhta", "OshchadaBank" and Lviv Municipal Enterprise the in these areas is the same as in the previous one – very bad. Most of them almost inaccessible for persons with limited mobility. Unsuitable premises, large staircases, the absence of any conditions for people with disabilities. These realities are daily faced by the residents of all districts of the city. This fact is sad, because these patterns are the most visited and necessary for citizens.
We will remind, the availability monitoring is a continuation of the action "Feel your responsibility" on which deputies in wheelchairs tried to overcome standard route through the city.
Activists of the NGO "Community Development" already checked on the availability of ramps in the state institutions of all districts of Lviv – Shevchenkivskyi, Zaliznychnyi, Frankivskyi, Sykhivskyi, as well as Lychakivskyi and Halytskyi. Everywhere the outsiders in the availability were utilities and "Ukrposhta".
With these dates, the activists will go to the authorities and groups of people with special needs. All together we will solve, where first to put the ramps for special people and mothers with strollers.