The celebration of beauty and femininity under the auspices of the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) presented to the Odessa girls

"Femininity without borders" continues to bring the beauty to Ukrainian women. At this time, a social project was held in Odessa.
On November 5, the activists of the NGO "Community Development" in collaboration with the members of the sports club "Legion" visited the South Palmira in order to celebrate femininity holiday of girls with special needs.

The day started in the premises of the higher professional school of sphere of services, where to participants were made makeup and hairstyles. Two hours later, thanks to the future hairdressers and make-up artists under the guidance of a teacher Breus Liudmyla Vasylivna the beauties were ready for a professional photo shoot at the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.
The majestic atmosphere of the theater allowed women to become more relaxed and to feel themselves real Queens of beauty, and masters of photography, famous photographers of Odessa, passed on this incredible beauty in photos.

The highlight of the holiday was the clothes, in which girls took pictures. The participants themselves have proposed to organize a photo shoot in a national style. Embroidered shirts and necklace from Lviv Company "Piccolo"to the girls gave a patron Vladyslav Burda.

Then girl have rest at the picturesque restaurant "Khutorok kolo moria" where for them was organized a holiday lunch, and a consultant of the company "Mary Kay" Victoria Hladyr held a master class "Beauty of femininity", in addition the representative of the company "Faberlic" Angelica Yugay gave to participants unique gifts, and the company "Vash Sad" gave to girls beautiful orchids.
Perfect end of the day was the show "Podarui Liubov" from the Dolphinarium "Nemo", where women were able to "communicate" with animals.

- The objective of this project is to convey people that they are beautiful always. The woman is still a woman despite the difficulties of fate. Society should be more tolerant and kind to those people, always try to help them, because they have much more requests to life, - said the Chairman of the Charitable Foundation "Community Development" Roksolana Tokarska.


- Each time, it becomes easier and more enjoyable to organize such holidays for the girls. People want to help only after learning about the project, immediately, for free, provide services, facilities, entertainment and other assistance - shared project coordinator Julia Glova.

We express our deep appreciation to all who contributed to such a noble and necessary cause.
  • The co-organizers Olena Olijnyk and Iryna Chokova that helped to make this holiday a memorable one;
  • The Director of the Opera and Ballet Theatre ,Nadiya Babych, for assistance in conducting a photo shoot and providing colorful clothes for the participants;
  • The Director of restaurant "Khutorok kolo moria " Valeria Kuzmina for a holiday dinner and entertainment for girls;
  • Patron Vladyslav Burda for the gifts and transport;
  • The Director of the company " Vash Sad " Igor Golubiv for the gift of beautiful flowers;
  • Companies "Mary Kay" and "Faberlic" for a master class and gifts
  • The company "Piccolo" for the selection of amazing embroideries and gifts;
  • Dolphinarium "Nemo" for a fabulous show
  • The staff of professional school of sphere of services for the wonderful images of the girls
  • Photographers: Natalia Karpenko, Angelica Nadiya, Yuriy Lytvynenko, Oleksander Glazniev, Maya Bilokon, Olga Korchenkina which left pleasant memories and incredible images of the participants in the photographs and the local media for being promptly and objectively cover the event.