SF "Community Development" - how not to become a victim of robbers

Useful tips from members of the social formation, how to protect themselves from robbers.
The number of young men ready to protect Lviv increases. Many of them have joined a social formation "Community Development ", and together with the police patrol the streets of our city.
Throughout the week, the participants provided safety in the Central part of Lviv, in particular, on the Market square and adjacent streets. Members of the global Fund helped law enforcement agencies to prevent the implementation of the natural food trade on the territory adjacent to the market "Dobrobut", as well as to implement measures for the protection of public order during the meeting of the initiative group of public organizations of the city of Lviv and Lviv region in the session hall of the Lviv city Council. Thanks to the participants was saved a person's life. Representatives of the social formation provided first aid to a man who had an epileptic seizure, and called the ambulance.

It is important to mention that this week the participants of the social formation caught the thief who stole the book in a store; the book value is 1500 UAH.
"Recently, in the center of Lviv quite often are commit thefts. This is not the first case when we detain looters and pass them to the law enforcement agencies ", - said the participants of the social formation, "Community Development ".
Despite the difficult situation on the streets and frequent reports to the police and representatives of the global Fund of petty theft, members of the public forming decided to give citizens a few tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of a burglar:
1. If you had to go back in the evening, call home to be picked up.

2. Plan your route so that it is not passed through the potentially "dangerous places": a dark alley, thoroughfare, desert parks.

3. Women who are always the object of increased interest ofrobbersshouldwalk through the road with the satellites, especially in the evening. The main thing -is not to be mistaken in the person, because, as has happened in practice, because of it you can suffer.