How to behave properly in the crowd?

Since the beginning of the warm season the number of events increases. Visiting concerts and all sorts of actions, it is worth to remember a few rules of behavior in the crowd, which were presented by SF "Community Development."

Representatives of social formation conducted measures to ensure public order during last week. Members of SF together with the police detained the citizen, who threatened the worker of Church of St. Olha and Elizabeth with a knife. Members of the social formation prevented the implementation of spontaneous food trade near the market "Dobrobut".

Representatives of SF "Community Development" appeal Lviv’s residents and visitors to be careful, to have in sight their things and in case of violation of law immediately to report it by calling 102 or the hotline of social formation:
(032) 261 09 10
(063) 016 54 53

In May the season of concerts and other entertainment events started, which will last until the end of autumn. Sometimes during such meeting of people there are various unpleasant incidents, clashes between visitors. Usually in such cases the guests ignore their own safety rules or are not aware of the rules of behavior in places with  large numbers of people.
Social formation of "Community Development" gives some tips to Lviv’s residents and the visitors how to behave in public places.

What not to do:
- Try to get to the center of the crowd - it is difficult to get out from there in the critical case;
- Stand near walls, fences, houses - the moving crowd always becomes more dense and you can be pressed to the fence and get an injury;
- To have a hard, sharp, convex objects in your pocket, that can hurt you  in the crowd;
- Wear long, loose clothing with belts, scarves, chains, massive jewelry. To take bags on a long strap.
How to move:
- Move slowly along the main flow, not pushing and run before the others;
- Keep your arms bent at the elbows to the chest and pressed to the body to protect yourself from the fracture of ribs. If you are not alone – form the wedge;
- Concerned and frightened neighbors skip forward;
- Move the crowd tangent or diagonally, in any case go ahead against the flow of people, especially when you are one;
- Do not look into the eyes of neighbors, not to provoke a conflict with a particularly "hot heads". Do not immerse eyes – it is seen as negative. Look better at the area around the chin or neck;
- Take off jewelry, bags, scarves and anything that can catch or pinch the neck.
If you fell:
- Forget about keeping clothes or bags safe;
- Bend your hands and protect your head with them;
- Bend your legs and pull them into the abdomen;
- Rise up quickly. During the ascent stand up on foot, possibly with one hand. This should be a jerk, but not the slow emphasis on hands;
- Rise up from the ground in the direction of the crowd.