Rules of conducting in emergency situations

Social formation "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) with the aim of informing the population about their actions in the conditions of emergency situations informs: in case of suspicious people or objects, you should immediately inform the police, local authorities, military or call to the round the clock government "hot line" by phone: 0 800 507 309, detailed information on the actions of the population in emergency situations you can find on the website of the NGO “Community Development”, or by calling the hotline of social formation “Community Development”: (032) 261 09 10;(067) 310-7787
Be vigilant, do Not be indifferent, forewarned your house from danger, save the city from provocations – Save your family and Ukraine!

In case of detection of explosives is prohibited:

- to transfer, store, heat and strike;
- to try to defuse and dismantle;
- use charges for a fire and lighting;
- to bring into the room,to bury in the ground

Find explosive objects consume activities from the definition, fencing and guarding them on the spot of detection. Report it immediately to the territorial bodies of the State Emergency Service and to the Ministry of Internal Affairs or call to the round the clock government "hot line" by phone: 0 800 507 309;

It is required:
- to stay calm, not to react to provocations;
- always to have the document proving the identity;
- you need to collect "Emergency kit", which includes necessities, documents, food, means of delivering primary health care;
- information about the blood and possible health problems (allergies to medications, etc.);
- to avoid crowded places;
- in case of obtaining any information from the authorities about the possible danger and the measures to improve security to      give it to other people;
- in case of suspicious persons or objects immediately inform the law enforcement agencies, local authorities, military;
- to provide first aid to other people in case of their wounds. To call an ambulance, representatives of State Emergency Service of Ukraine, law enforcement agencies, if necessary, military;

It is Not recommended:
- to approach to windows, if you hear gunshots;
- to stand or pass under fire;
- to conflict with armed men;
- to wear army uniforms or camouflage clothing;
- to demonstrate weapons or items similar to it;
- to pick up abandoned weapons and ammunition.

                                          We must unite for our future!