Is Lviv a safe city?!

In our country there is the growing number of terrorist attacks, even far from the hot spots,citizens often hear explosions. Civilians are suffering and dying.
Today, in a difficult time for Ukraine, Lviv citizens as no one should set an example of organization and maximum safety. Security Service of Ukraine fixes numerous attempts of terrorist acts and sabotage activities.Not long ago in Lviv region a group of Russian citizens prepared a series of terrorist attacks in the city. Fortunately, they were exposed and arrested by counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine. We would like to believe that everything is under control; the enemy will not pass here. Certainly it is very difficult to ensure safety nowadays, but possible.
"Society must be vigilant, and must report about suspicious people and objects. The main thing is not to panic "- said Olexander Dichek, head of  "International antiterrorist unity".
We are able to take care of ourselves, if we won’t lose our vigilant, if we’ll keep in mind that it is not a conventional, but a hybrid war. Although, at a distance of a thousand kilometres.
According to the National Security Council, from April to September 2014,it was received 702 reports of laying explosives or terrorist acts, in Kyiv - 278, Lviv Oblast - 60, Donetsk, Odessa and Kharkiv - 45, Zaporizhzhya - 32, Dnipropetrovsk – 30,Chernihiv - 22.

"A lot of provocateurs, mercenaries, saboteurs exist in all regions of Ukraine. The task of our security forces to protect every Ukrainian, destroying this subversive danger. This is one of the priority tasks ", - said Olexander Turchynov.

Considering the sad experience of the events taking place in our country - the tragedy, the terrorist attacks that have befallen on the inhabitants of Ukrainian cities, we must be vigilant, take care of own security and the about safety of our loved ones. The public, as in times of Euromaidan, seeks to unite and protect the city alone. To do this, a new social formation and units patrolling the city, appeared.